Natural Dog Remedies

Dog Food for a Diabetic Dog

The incidence of canine diabetes has increased in the last few years and just like humans, dogs can develop diabetes at any point in their life. Healthy dogs with a healthy pancreas produce insulin, a hormone that helps in the metabolism of glucose. When a dog has diabetes, is because their pancreas is not producing […]

How to Be an Advocate for Our Pet’s Health

When it comes to our pets and the vets it is no different from our relationship with our doctors. We should be in charge of OUR health and the doctors should be our consultants. As far as our pets are concerned, we should be the advocates for our pets since they depend on us for […]

How to Get a Tick Off a Dog

Ticks are a big problem that can cause illness in a dog.  Some  ticks are known to carry diseases that also affect humans such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ticks can easily become embedded in the undercoat of a dog as well.  They attach themselves to parts of a dog’s body, and […]

Natural Flea Control

One of the most common and annoying problems that dog and cat owners face is the flea problem. They can infest your pet, causing itching, pain and even causing diseases like anemia since the insects feed on the blood of the animal, and in some cases, they will even attack humans. What are the symptoms […]