Homemade Dog Food

Dog Home-Based Diet: Making Your Own Dog Food

Are you sick and tired of pet food recalls and want to make your own dog food?  I know I am, and although I still buy dog food, (only natural dog food made with human grade ingredients) I have started my dogs on a home-based diet. After doing some research here is what I found: 1.    […]

Make Your Own Dog Food

.. First, there was the pet food recall scare of 2007. Now it’s the recession. Although these are good enough reasons why more and more dog owners are making their own dog food, there are many other reasons to start making your own dog food. Most commercial dog food has dubious ingredients such as coloring, […]

How to Make Dog Food at Home

Making homemade dog food can be a time consuming task but the benefits are many. First, you know what goes into your dog food: No chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Second, you don’t have to worry about the last pet food recall, which every dog owner knows have been numerous lately. And thirdly, you save […]

Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Cooking for your dog it not difficult at all as long as you know the basics of cooking a meal. In the book Amazing Gracie: A Dog’s Tale, author Dan Dye happens to be a non-cook of the worst kind, yet he teaches himself to cook and within three days begins baking the dog cookies. He […]